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Amanda Superstar, text by Rachel Rabbit White
4 x 5in. Glossy Digital Prints
No Agency Annual 2022-2023

202303_Mansonwall_04 001.jpg

Hysterical, Dangerous and Perfect Pop Culture Fun, 2023
12 x 12 in. Black and White Silver Gelatin Print
, Mirror Frame
Death of the Subject Exhibition, Public Works Administration


Passion Pit
Black and White Film
THNK Museum Print Zine 2022


House Party from Broken Mirror
Black and White Film
Paper Journal Portfolio 2022

ANDREW (25 of 40).jpg

Interview with a Cam Girl 
Print Issue of Phile Magazine 2019

Ariel Contact Sheet 03.jpg

Dildo from Under the Shadows of...
11 x 14in. Black and White Contact Sheet on RC Paper
Rockaway Art Week, 2023

First Meeting, from Under the Shadows of...
Black and White Darkroom Contact Sheet
The Hopper Prize 2021

Allie Rowbottom"Aesthetica"
Black and White Film
Polyester Zine 2021


Sister in bed, from Broken Mirror
11 x 14 in. Black and White Silver Gelatin Print
Lucie Foundation "Notions of Home" Winner 2021

1_Samantha Sutcliffe.jpg

Veronica from Desperate Risks
Black and White Film
Online Musee Magazine Interview 2023


Ingrid from Broken Mirror
11 x 14 Silver Gelatin Darkroom Print
International Center of Photography Exhibition 2019


Destiny Strudwick
Black and White Film
DS NYC Fall 2022 Campaign

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Under the Shadows of...
Fotofilmic JRNL Newsprint 2021
Edited by Paul Shieck 

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